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Soul's Purpose Coaching

with Sabina Seibel

💫 Astro Sage w/Witchy Wit 🌙 Meld cosmic insights & authentic living. Unlock emotional sovereignty & life fulfillment through intuitive wisdom 👁 ✨

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Astrology Anatomy

$40, Lunch Included

Live Event, April 6th, 1:30 - 4 pm

Lunatic Fringe Boutique,

1462 Myers St.,O roville, CA

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Download Your Free Natal Chart


Go to Horoscopes.Astro-Seek.com

Scroll Down the Page until you get to Birth Chart Report.

Click on Extended Settings below Calculate chart.

Choose these Settings: 

House System: Placidus and ensure all five boxes are checked

Orbs: Default orbs and choose Chiron and ASC & MC

Parallels of decl.: Orb 1.3 with no boxes checked.

Then enter your birth information, time and city and click Calculate Chart.

On the chart page, Scroll down and click download to save to your computer.

Save & Print: Bring a Copy of Your Astrological Blueprint with you to class and a notebook.

Alchemy of Change Workshop


This powerful live session replay will help you understand how the stars guide the changes in your life.

Alchemy of Change Replay

Evolutionary Astrology Natal Chart Session

Discover You - $255

In this 90 minute deep-dive session, discover more about you and why you think the way you do based on your birth chart. 

Transform Your Life

Meet Sabina Seibel

Evolutionary Astrologer 💫 Certified Intuitive Coach ✨ Remember Your Soul Code

Sabina, is a cosmic soul embodying the human experience just like you. Though forever evolving, if requiring labels, you would be able to connect to her as an Evolutionary Astrologer, Alchemist and Intuitive Soul Guide. In every facet of her practice, she brings unconditional positive regard (no judgement), empathic attunement and actions required for transformations. She specializes in those navigating spiritual awakenings and HSPs - Highly Sensitive People/Empaths. Sabina uses your soul’s blueprint through the Evolutionary Astrology lens of Stephen Forrest’s mentorship and her intuitive guidance to illuminate the underlying forecast work in an individual’s life.

Sabina’s own spiritual journey through soul reclamation, her cosmic wisdom and intuitive channeling, enable her to reflect your truest essence through your astrology blueprint and other metaphysical tools. She guides you to reconnect to your wholeness by integrating your karmic lessons and mastering your soul’s patterns to embody your truest nature. You will gain greater self-acceptance and personal sovereignty to thrive in your purpose.

She lives in the Sierra Foothills of Northern California. And has lived in Europe for a third of her life and values her expanded horizons as extra perception to assist in others’ paths to their truest essence. She is deeply connected to animals and nature that inspires her creativity and continual spiritual evolution.

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